Friday, December 10, 2010

You never know...

I am so touched by an offer a lady I have known for awhile just wrote to me. She is an older lady who babysits kids here in my town, if you ever need a full time babysitter she is the one to call. We don't have day cares and stuff here, so usually you have to find just one person to watch your children if you return to work. That is how I became to know her, when I would bring Toby to preschool and stuff, she was always there with someone else's child. She has a heart of gold that is for sure.
One of the mom's of a child she watches, had Hockey last night with my child, and I mentioned the pickle I am in with finding someone to watch my child today. My good friend was busy and couldn't do it. And anyone else I would have to watch him will be where I need to be today.
Well I woke this morning and of course checked facebook and there is a message from her, telling me that if I need someone to watch Toby to just bring him up. To me this is a big deal. I appreciate this so much. And have been stressing myself out over who I could get.
I couldn't bring him with me, but now I don't have to and I can still go myself. I was thinking I would have to miss it and stay home.
You never know who has your back until you need it. Thanks S, you have a hart of gold and you don't even realize it.

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