Friday, December 17, 2010

Small towns can suck

I live in a very small town, which has it's good points and bad.
Safer place to raise my son.
Know almost everyone ( ok that is good and bad)
I could go on and on...
No supply of craft supplies.

The closest Wal-mart I have is an hours drive, and it has a very tiny and expensive craft section.
The closest Michael's is 4.5 hours drive away. And those are the only 2 places for craft supplies. We finally have a Dollarama ( just opened) But that is also an hour away. It sucks. I mostly have to rely on the internet to do my craft shopping, so needless to say I don't have very many craft supplies. The prices of a lot of things are really good, but the shipping cost really sucks. And my budget is too tight to spend an extra 20.00 to 30.00 on a few card making things.
Don't get me started on the wait time. It drives me crazy.

Also I wanted to Thank Ruth Nixon for becoming my first follower. Thank you so much. I don't feel so alone anymore. :)

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