Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas concert all finished

Well his concert went great!! All the little ones did great. What a crowd of people there to watch. I really hate crowds the last few years, no idea why, just do.
I am very proud of him, he said his part nice and clear and not too fast.

Well my tree is decorated, and most of the decorations are up. at least if anyone visits now it looks a little Christmasey (is that a word) in here. Even though I am far from in the mood for it to come.

One good thing!! My gypsy is in the province. I should *crosses fingers* have it tomorrow, at the latest Monday. Rod tried to tell me that I can't open it till Christmas... ha. I will be getting the mail while he is at work so I have a few hours before he comes home, and I know I am not going to be able to help myself.

Well got to run and make something quick for supper and get Toby ready for hockey. See you all later when I return frozen like a Popsicle.

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