Saturday, December 18, 2010

One week left are you ready??

Are you all ready for Christmas (for the ones who celebrate)??
I am done with most of my shopping, I am just hoping I am not forgetting anyone. I don't have any wrapping what so ever started yet, I took all the gifts I have out of hiding the other day when Toby was in school, I piled them all on my bed and couldn't for the life of me figure out where to start. So I didn't, I just organized it a bit better then it was, so most of the gifts that have to be giving out are separated from the ones that are for Toby and the SS's and us. We still don't have anything for the oldest SS, he is 16 now and we have no idea what to give him. The Bio B said he wanted his cell phone reactivated, so we were going to buy him a new one instead. But he said he used it last week, how do you use a phone if it is not activated?? I think she is trying to make a fool of us again. He mentioned he wanted a watch, so at least that is one thing we know he wants.
But of course we can't just get him a watch. We have a week left, and we are planning on driving to Walmart tomorrow after we drop them off at home, so hopefully we will get every thing clued up then.
Hope everyone is ready and if not I hope you get everything ready for Saturday.

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