Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I haven't been posting much, but I have been crafting...

Well the summer here has been yucky to say the least. We are just now getting good weather. But that didn't stop me and my boy from being busy, busy, busy. I am not sure if I can blame my "non" blogging on it being summer, or that since my computer has moved downstairs to my new craft room I am not on as much. Before it was in our living room, and I could cook supper and be back and forth, but with all those stairs it is just to hard. When I am cooking now I stay upstairs.
But I have been crafting. If you follow me on Facebook, you already know what I have been up to. :)
But for the people who don't follow me here is what I have been up to lately:
Here are my quilled versions of Princess Peach, Mario, and Luigi. What do you think??

Here they are added to the Birthday cake, which I made the fondant characters for, first time working with fondant and I LOVED it. :)

My version of Barbie, someone ordered after they saw the Mario characters, I was going to add wings, but I didn't have time.

This is the card I made for the little girl, whose parents wanted the quilled barbie. This is the doll I used as reference.

And here is another quilled doll which will be for a Sweet 16 cake. I have since added a card stock and tinfoil base to her, and a face.
I am busy making more things for this girl's party, her mom always gets me to make cards, and invites and stuff for her. Good customer :)
I have a question I would love help with... How much do you think is a reasonable price to ask for these dolls, they stand mostly approx. 5-6" high. And take around 3 to 4 days to make.
The one of the barbie gave me 10.00$, when I only asked 5.00$.
And the pink star girl will be 8.00, because I still have to add a quilled "M" to it.
What do you all charge?? I hate trying to figure out a price, and most people are shocked when I say the price because they expect I am going to charge more then I do.
I hope you all have a great week, this is my little boys last week of Summer Vacay, Next Wednesday he will be entering Grade 1!! I am excited and dreading it all at the same time.
Melissa D

Friday, August 12, 2011

Been MIA lately

I know I know, I have not been posting much lately. It seems like since I moved all my stuff to my craft room downstairs, everything else has been taking up my time, it's summer ( well according to the calender, not the weather here) and I have been busy with my son, also my Aunt and Uncle were home for a visit, after 11 years!! It was so good to see them. And now my cousin is home from out of province, so I have been spending time with her before it's time for her to fly back.
And I also got a chance to meet one of my blogging buddies, she grow up a few towns away, and we never realized it, but she was just home for a visit and we got the chance to meet up. It was so great.
I have been crafting though, mostly just quilled wedding cakes, and a bride and groom. They are a surprise for my cousin for her wedding (her daughter is the one visiting) She had already mentioned she would like to buy some of the cakes for her sweets table, I told her not to send any money, and that she would get her cakes. It's the least I could do, she bought most of my son's school supplies again this year.
And I have also been busy making some Mario coin treat boxes for my friends son's birthday party.
Here are the bride and groom, what do you think?? Her colors are Brown and orange.
 And here is one of the 40 boxes I am busy with, this is the 1st trial one, the seams are alot nicer on the rest.
Hope everyone is well, and I hope to be back real soon.
Melissa D