Monday, February 20, 2012

I am still here…

I am so sorry, my blog has been put on the back burner lately. I have had a lot of real life crap going on. Since it has gotten a lot colder here, and my craft room is downstairs, I haven’t spend much time down there. And I haven’t been feeling very up to doing much crafting.
First off… I am now on medication for my diabetes, still trying to get the hang of all that not so fun stuff.
Secondly… I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. So I look real attractive at bed time now, with a big mask on my face. I am tempted to take a pic of myself wearing it. No amount of anything would make it look decent.
But sense my health is being crappy lately, I want to make a change in my appearance… And the quickest thing I can think of to change is my hair. I will be going from my mousey brown (long over due for a color) hair, to bleached blonde, then (whenever the mail gets to me) Rock and Roll Manic Panic Red. I want a BIG hair change and I am crossing my fingers it is going to look nice.
Here is a before pic, sorry about the “dirty” hair, but it was recommended before dying to not wash it the day of dying. I am headed to my friends house later and she is going to dye/bleach my hair for me. I will post a pic later. And then again once my red color goes in. Wish me luck lol.
See ugly boring hair, Smile.
Let’s hope the after pic will be better.
Melissa D

EDIT: Okay, I said I would post the blonde "in between" hair. OMG what a difference, But I don't think I will stay a blonde, now just cross my fingers that my red gets here soon!!!

yeah, not sure what to think lol.
The look below is the look I am going for.

Cross your fingers for me. haha