Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to all...

Been quite a busy day indeed. Got up this morning and fed my boy, was planning to bring him around with me to deliver gifts and cards but Rod showed up at 12, he got off early. So at least I didn't have to drag Toby out in this horrible weather. My best friend ended up driving behind me and managed to get my attention to pull over, when I did and rolled down the window she passed a gift into me. I felt so bad, I told her not to get me anything, (she is a single divorced mom of 3 kids) I knew she could not afford anything, I barely could. I had her gift in the car after just buying it, lol I am just as bad as her I suppose we agreed not to exchange gifts and then we both ended up getting something for the other one lol.

Got a pizza in the oven for supper, I know there will be a lot of food coming the next few days so I figured have something easy tonight.

My mother just called to say she wasn't going to church, *phew* that meands I get off from going too, I was going to bring Toby to the Christmas eve service, but with him going through the terrible 2's and the weather being crappy I didn't really want to go, this is usually the only time in the year that I actually go to church.

Not much of anything else planned for tonight, we have to go to my aunt lately which is just literally a jump and skip up the road, but I will be driving there cause I don't want to risk Toby getting sick, he just got over pneumonia.

I am so not in the mood for this, this year. And it seems like a lot of other people feel the same way from reading people's blogs and hearing people around town and stuff.

I am going to track Santa for toby later at should be interesting.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Just a rant and a mix of everything

Urgh, I have been so letting this blog go. I just don't bother posting anymore, I read blogs but never bother to write in my own. Bad bad me, anyone want to give me a spanking? Come on you know you want to.

Well we got a new computer for xmas, it is nice to have a new one seeing as the old one sounded horrible when you turned it on, even the monitor was squealing. I like the computer mostly just because it is new, I like that it is all black, what I don't like... the screen is a wide flat screen, it has windows vista (still not sure if I like it or not) and the keyboard is so different from my old one.
The computer is faster, but there is nothing on here to be faster with, This is the thing I hate the most. All my bookmarks are gone. :( So I am slowly trying to get back at least the blogs I read daily. Hard to remember them all. I was smart enough to write down the addys to most of them, but of course I can't find my list and I am too damn lazy right now to sit down here and type them all in. I just like clicking and it's there, no need to think to much yeah I know STFU.
Well Merry Christmas or Whatever it is you celebrate. I will just be here trying to type in peoples addys. Urgh. Maybe this will help with my computer addiction lol. I will get so pissed off with the thing that I will just give up. Nahhhh not likely lol.

Enjoy your holidays people. I will be around somewhere. And if you want me to post more make a comment at least, let me know someone cares. :(