Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Well 2010 is almost over...

Did everyone have a good year? I hope so. Also a good Christmas is wished to you all.

Well the youngest stepson is brought home today (he is 10, and a very big momma's boy) the oldest (16) is still here with us. So that means another hour drive to bring him home later this week, so that means 2 hours return trip. With BF working til 5:00 everyday, it is me who has to drive them home, I don't mind usually, but this time of the year sucks,it gets dark way to early and too many moose on the roads. Normally it doesn't bother me much, but I get anxious while driving lately, no matter if I am the driver or not. My keyboard is giving out so I will catch you all later.



PinkBlingCrafter said...

I hope you also had a wonderful CHristmas!!! Happy New Year!! I'm now a new follower and I can't wait for your project on the coming New Year!!!! i hope you can stop by sometime:)

Brenda said...

Thanks for such a nice comment on my blog. I am now following you also. Can't wait to see what the New Year brings from you. Have a safe and happy new year