Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last day of school

Well I am just back from dropping Toby off for his last day of school before Christmas break. There is a sing - a - long later at the school. My bestie is picking me up so we can go together, then when it is finished we have to drive a few towns over for her OBGYN appointment. So the dad's are both picking the kids up today, he son is in the same grade as my son. That is how we met actually, at a healthy baby group while we were pregnant.

Is it just me or does the kids seem to get a shorter break then years ago?? It seems like to me, that when I was in school we got a lot more time off.

I should be in wrapping presents, but the BF is still in bed sleeping ( he is off this week) and of course that is where all the presents are. I am going to go make a cappuccino, enjoy that, and then sleeping or not I am going to start in at some wrapping, I will just bring it all out here in the living room.

Have a great day everyone.

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