Friday, February 25, 2011

Wow 100 followers

When I checked my dashboard this morning, I saw that I now have 100 followers. Wow thank you to all my new and old followers. I feel so blessed.
Also thank you to all the people who made such nice comments on my bad news, you will never know how much I appreciate it. How do you reply to a nice comment?? I normally go to the person's blog and comment on their most recent post, is this good etiquette, or is there another way??

Melissa D


the cricutologist said...

Congrats! That's what I do, I hope that's considered good etiquette.

Lisa West said...

I came over to see if you had any news yet, I see you do. Sorry about that. You will do very well I'm sure with the "willpower" you mentioned. You will be able to get this turned around soon I'm sure.
Yes, I also respond to bloggers by exchanging a visit. It's a great way to find "each other" and get inspired by other crafty people.
God Bless!! Lisa