Sunday, February 27, 2011

Randomness. :)

This is the vinyl I did for my son's wall yesterday, he was so excited that his mommy made it just for him. So cute. He wanted to know what it said ( he spelled it out, but couldn't figure out the words.) I told him it said "dream big". and of course came the question what does that mean? LOL so I explained it. He loves it. I am now thinking what else I can come up with to put on his wall.
I have big dreams of my own... I want to start my own card/craft business, but it is not going easy (which I knew it wouldn't) but it is still disheartening, everyone seems to be excited and enthusiastic about my idea, just they can't help.
But I think my main thing might have to be my health first. Which is going to be hard, too many changes need to happen.
Always remember guys. Dream BIG. :)
Melissa D

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Linda S said...

You left such a cute note!! I sing all the time, much to the dismay of everyone around me! I love what you did for your son.... hugs to a great Mom!! Always follow your dreams...Justin Bieber's movie says it all "Never Say Never!"....not that I follow him lol, I respect what he is doing.