Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Learn from my mistakes....

So I searched the net to find some ideas on how to make some home made glimmer/shimmer mist. Well I made some, I added both the metallic pink, and the spun gold paint, I wanted some extra glitter to it and can't find pearl ex around here, so I seen this glitter paint. It was a bad idea, the glitter is way to thick, and clogs up the sprayer, I used a pin to poke at the hole of the sprayer to unclog it, well needless to say I am now trying to get glimmer mist off my face and glasses lol. I think this will work just fine with the 2 paints, and some very fine glitter. So what other things can I make at home to save my BF money. Haha. I have so many products on my wish list I am trying to cut it down by making some of it at home.
Hope you are all having a great day, catch you later through my shimmery glasses. One way to get rose colored glasses I guess. Hahaha.
Melissa D


Anonymous said...

You can also use eyeshadow as the shimmer... I have a post on my blog... I used the liquid hairspray,eyeshadow and rit clothes dye
Here is the link to my blog

Sarah said...

I have been wanting some glimmer mist but wasn't paying that much for it. I had never thought of making my own! Thanks for the idea, gonna try and make my own now!

Annette M said...

You are so daring...oh well you can't learn without trying!

Tracy said...

Thanks for the tip ;)
LOL at your glasses comment.

ScrappingStephanie said...

Hello girl. I just say your post on facebook and that you are growing your blog. I am a new follower. I make my own glimmer mist all the time and I use perfect pearls and water. Works great. Stop by and say hi sometime:)