Saturday, February 12, 2011

Really quiet around here

Hi guys, I am sorry it has been so quiet around here. I am having some health issues and just feeling so tired and exhausted lately. I am trying so hard to just keep up with the normal day to day stuff, so not much energy left lately for crafting.

My Doc thinks I maybe diabetic, so that has my nerves shot. So you guys probably won't see much from me other then the scattered notice about a giveaway or contest.

I am reading and entering giveaways, I only do blog hops if they are not too terribly long, cause I get so confused if it is too long. My mind is all over the place, so the shorter the better. I hope by the time I am feeling better that you will all still be here.
Melissa D

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Tricia said...

Please take care of yourself, and thanks for visiting my blog today. diabetics runs in my family, and have several members who have it. So far, so good with me, but I do have to take off the weight. Your blog looks wonderful. I will let you know on monday if you have won my album.

Tricia (MDN Creates)