Monday, July 30, 2007

Very nice surprise

I got a very nice surprise today, when Rod came home for his dinner he asked if I would like to go to the theatre tonight. Ok guys it's not the theatre you guys are probably thinking. But oh my. This is a local theatre group, check them out
We (me and 2 friends, it's not Rod's thing) got to see Honky Tonk Angels, and a special presentation by Even Tide, a local band. And OH MY GAWD they were so good, I usually don't like newfie music that much but I am in aw of them. They are 4 young people ranging between the ages of 16 - 20 or so, they have been playing for years. And what the girl can do with a fiddle *mouths drops* people probably heard me say oh my god. All I can say is that they were amazing.
I love my boyfriends company LOL they are sponsors of the theatre group and this was another sponsor night so we ended up with tickets. I already got the chance to go to one play which was the widow's walk, amazing. And he just told me that there should be 4 more tickets coming at the end of the month. WHOOOO HOOOO. lol
I will definitely be going to a concert of Even Tide if I ever get the chance. One of the guys is actually on the board of Burin Peninsula Brighter Futures with me, and I had no idea he had such a talent.
I am still reeling from the evening, can ya tell?? LOL
They have a kids only show tomorrow which is 10$ but I think I will be taking Toby, the friend that with me might be taking her son as well, they are only 2 months apart. Should be fun.
Better go and watch Hell's Kitchen LOVE THAT SHOW.
Now go check out the site of the Light house productions. Put your foot in the boot,

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