Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh the weather outside is crazy

I am starting to really get bored of being stuck in the house, we get one nice sunny day and the next following 2 or 3 days are rain, or foggy and cloudy and crap. But I guess I am not alone with this, I heard the Netherlands is having crap weather too, and other parts of Canada, even down in the US. Sometimes makes you wonder is this global warming or something?? I think it is, what do all you guys think?
I was hoping to let Toby go in his pool today, we had some fun yesterday outside with some water guns, and the hose, but of course Rod let him have the hose close to the house and the shut off, instead of moving the hose a bit out so we could get to the shut off with out Toby drowning us lol, every time we came close he would spray us. I tell you my 21 month old is SMAAAAART. LOL To smart for his own good sometimes.
I think I wasted my money on the pool I bought for him, good thing is was only 10$ on sale. It's a little kiddie pool not those big ones that are so popular around here lately. I got him the small one so I wouldn't have to get a swim suit on and scare the neighbors lol.
Better head off and see what we can do today.

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