Friday, July 20, 2007

Can computers fly??

Ever since the reformatting of this thing, it has not worked right at all. I think I would rather put up with the slowness instead of this crap of msn not working, damn pop ups that I can not seem to get rid of, and the freezing up whenever I am trying to do something with the damn thing. Urgh.
Well we are back from our very short vaca, R was told he didn't need the training they had planned for Thursday, so we came home on Wednesday evening. All that driving for basically nothing. I did get to do a little shopping at least. We did go to a nice restaurant though, first time since T was like 3 months old. That was short lived though, T isn't used to having to just sit and wait so by the time our food came he was pitching a fit, this place was a kid friendly place so he wasn't the only one crying and stuff, but it got to R so much that he asked if we could doggy bag our food to go. Which was a mistake, cause by the time we got back to the motel, I had no interest in fighting with my steak with a plastic fork. What a waste of money and I was enjoying it very much. First meal we had out that wasn't take out/ fast food.
The weather has been crap ever since we got home, rain rain and more rain. Urgh.


s t a c i said...

Urg?! Doesn't sound like much fun! I'll tell you something live learned with my soon as they're old enough to take a GameBoy with them to a restaurant, it becomes a lot easier to enjoy the "wait time" for a meal. It's like magic.


sleeplesswonder said...

Hmmmm wonder what will keep a 2 year old busy? Not that we have to worry, cause by the time we go back to a restaurant like that he will probably be old enough to have a game boy. LOL