Monday, July 23, 2007

I am so impatient

For some things I have no patients what so ever. I am talking about this computer again of course. I hate when you just have to wait for plug ins and crap to install. Right now I am installing Java so that I can up load some pictures onto Facebook.
I will upload a pic or two here as well when I figure out how.
I got the camera working again, Rod is outside with Toby walking around somewhere. That is the worst thing Toby loves to be outside, but I hate it, if there is either bit of sun at all I have a pounding headache if I am out in it. And did I mention I burn?? Well I do and very badly, I could wear SPF 100 if I wanted and still burn, and then I turn white as a ghost again, I don't think I have had a tan in my life.
Here are some pics of my son, at his first real restaurant, and with his favorite toy, the cell phone.

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