Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pop ups need to stop

This is getting so annoying. Every time I leave the computer going and I am not actually doing anything on it, when I come back to it the damn thing is froze up and I have to restart. Something has to be done. I get these annoying pop ups as well, I play a lot of demo games ( yeah I am cheap, or broke, sue me, no wait you can't I broke) and every time I am playing, when the pop up comes up the game pauses and shuts down, urgh. That of course takes time off of my demo. It is so annoying. I think I may have to reinstall this thing again. That is why I haven't put anything back on here yet. I have a ton of pictures on my camera which I normally put on the computer to remove them from the camera as soon as I am near the computer. I have had it a few times that Toby ( my son) has been doing something cute, I go to get a pic and it tells me the memory card is full, so I always try to make sure now that the camera is almost always empty.
Well better go and do my hair and get dressed. Toby has a birthday party to go to today, not that I am in the mood for it mind you. I am so tired again today, I seem to get the lazies on the weekends. Oh well have a good day. Will post some pics whenever I get this computer back to working normally.

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