Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two projects done, one small, one big..

I added my son's name, and a batman symbol to his hockey helmet. This was my first time using vinyl, I don't know what I was so afraid of. I loved using it. So there will be more projects done with vinyl coming. :)
Here is the baby invites I have been working on, I can't take all the credit, my bestie and her mother have been helping, after all the shower is for her. :)
Here they are when you pull out the invite from the diaper. I found the diaper template online, and traced and hand cute each one of them. We made the bows and the invites.

Here they all are, almost complete. I still have to add some text to each one. Good thing we are snow bound lol. Gives me more time to get them done.
So what have you guys been up to?? Would love to see your projects.
Melissa D


Mariam said...

the vinyl looks great! I am still intimidated... I LOVE the invites! Gosh, how many did you make?!?!

sleeplesswonder said...

Thanks Mariam, I made 130 invites. And believe me the vinyl is so easy, I am not sure what a bigger cut would be like though. But this small one, was just like using stickers. :)