Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Psa Stamper VS. Tc Stampmaker

I am going back and forth, should I save money for a little while... for the PSA Stamper (which is around 40-60.00 Online of course) Which I could still get a personalized stamp, but would have to buy extra middles and stuff, and it's self inking. Or should I save for longer and try to save enough to buy the Stampmaker from Teresa Collins, which is around 169.00 But I would not have to buy another stamp and I could just make my own, and just had to buy the refill stamp making stuff. Hmmmmm.
Either way I have a lot of saving to do. It sucks when almost everything I want/need for card making and scrap booking has to be bought online. Also that we live in a single income family, with tons of child support that has to be paid. But I know if I really want either of these, I will have to try really hard to save, save, save.
Which one would you choose? Or do you already own either of them? How do you find them? Good quality, easy to use? Please leave me some comments. :)
Have a nice night everyone.

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