Sunday, January 16, 2011

Question time again...

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a great Sunday.
I have a question again, that I hope some of you can answer...

The Cuttle bug or the sissix which one is the best machine for my money, I have researched them, and my head is spinning. Have any of you tried both? I only want it for embossing, seeing as I already have my cricut, I figure any cutting I need to do I can do it on that. So it is really for embossing. Or is there maybe another machine on the market that can do it just as well for maybe cheaper?? I like both, just want to know how good they preform before I have to spend money on them. Any advice would be much appreciated.
I am still trying to work on my business plan, so that has me very busy, the agency wants to know how much it is going to cost for supplies, which is very hard to do, what machines and supplies are a must instead of just a want, lol cause I want it all. Haha don't we all.
Please leave me some love and advice. :)
Have a great Sunday.
Melissa D


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

I love my cuttlebug, but I never used the other one to compare it to!

Beebeebabs said...

I also love the cuttlebug!!!

Chris Wooten said...

I have the big shot and love it too. I think you will love your cuttlebug, they both will emboss.