Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Need some Kiddie questions answered...

OK you see those glass beads there in the picture??? Well how long do you think this would take to go through a 5 year year olds system?? Yeah that's right, Sunday night my son swallowed one of these, how he managed to do this I will never know.  But I have called the ER, and they said it should pass as long as it wasn't cracked or jagged, which it wasn't. I have been making him use his potty (from potty training) I am glad I kept the potty. He doesn't mind using it at least. It is just easier to inspect *GROSS* his you know what.
But how long should this take?? This is day 3. I am so afraid it is stuck inside somewhere.
Hope you are all having a better week then this worried mom. :)
Melissa D

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the cricutologist said...

I have no idea! I know God knows so I will plead with Him that it will pass soon! Rest in Him. Have you googled this topic?