Friday, January 28, 2011

Look what came, and issues...

I am so excited, I have already played around with it a little just to test it out. :) I am shocked at how heavy this smallish machine is. Well at least I have this to play with now, because my computer is soon flying out the window...

We/I have reformatted this computer 4 times in the last week, and it is still causing me errors and not letting me onto certain blogs/sites. I was half way through a blog hop, went to close a window of someones blogs, and the page kept popping up again and again, there was like 50 of the same page up. It is just not working right and I am getting really frustrated. I am hoping to convince the BF to get a new computer for me. :$ not sure how that one will go over. But I do need a good computer and this one is no longer cutting it. I would not be surprised it I can't even post this.
So you probably won't be seeing much of my the next few days till I get this figured out.
I got my blood work results back, and my thyroid is gone completely out of whack again, so pill adjustment time. My blood sugar was a little high (8.9) so she wants me to faste again Sunday night and get blood work again.
At least I may start feeling better soon once the new pills start to work.
Pray for me and my computer, just kidding. :)
Melissa D


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

You'll love your cuttlebug!!

I am having a birthday giveaway be sure to stop by!

Raven B said...

Ewe girl you need to start creating with all of these goodies!!!!! PROJECTS I WANT PROJECTS LOL