Thursday, January 13, 2011

Need a little help... Please

Ok guys, I need some help/advice.
I have a lady calling tomorrow morning, from a government company that may be able to help me open my business. And she will be asking what supplies I will need.
I am planning on making homemade cards, wall deco (vinyl art) etched glassware/picture frames... etc.
I have a cricut create, and I have my gypsy, and my rotary tool. What other machines/tools would you all suggest I would need??
I am thinking,
I know I will need tons of card stock and vinyl, and adhesive, and patterned paper and stamps. The tools I am thinking I will need are:

A yourstory for making guest books, etc.
A cuttlebug to embellish my cards more
A bind it all for mini albums
Etch armour for the etching
More Cartridges for the cricut ( I only have 3)
Later I want to get a bigger cricut, right now I am limited to 6" x 12"
I want the i-rock and i-top and i-bond too, but I figure those will come later as well.

So what tool can you not live without for making your everyday crafts??


Sweet Magnolia Rose said...

Good Evening,

I think you just about got everything, but do you use stamps, markers, pens, hot glue guns, etc...embossing powder?

Chris Wooten said...

if you get the large your story, you can make 4 x 6 up to 12 x 12 albums. I get mine by the case from for the albums. I purchase the ones called unibind hardback photo albums. They have the glue strips inside the spine. They have many different colors.

3mm all the way up to 9 or 10mm

I use more of the 3mm, 5mm and 7mm hardbacks. These are better than Yourstory brand albums and in more colors. The large one has a laminator on but I never use that.

Some great places to sign up for email for good prices on other supplies are,,

Good luck and if I can help let me know. Oh I have the 510 and 900 Xryon machine. I love, love it.

Scotch atg 714 glue gun with 1/4 double side tape reels work great on ribbon and other materials.

Chris Wooten said...

oh glitter, stammps, ink, markers, pens,etc...xyron is great for putting glitter on your embellishments.