Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Need some ideas, please

I just got a phone call asking if I would come to a church group and show the members how to make something crafty to put on their Christmas trees!!!

Help!!!! I have never gotten in front of a group of people and spoke before in my life. I said yes, because I love helping people but I would much rather show one person, and let them get up and do the show and tell / teach.

I have a week to think of something cute, easy, inexpensive, not too many materials and rather quick and Fun to make.

If anyone is actually reading this please help me come up with some ideas. I was thinking of making some quilled poinsettas. They are easy in my opinion but maybe not everyone elses. What do you all think?????


Breigh said...

Light bulb snowmen! I made those a few years ago and they came out really cute, weren't terribly hard to make either. I used a glue gun but I'm sure you could use some other kind of glue too!

sleeplesswonder said...

Thanks Tammy, I am looking for something different though, I think they have been done, but I will mention them to the lady and see what she says. I think the ones you made are super cute.

Monica said...

Hey you! Got your message from my blog. Sorry it took so long to respond. Your poinsettia idea is great and so are the angels. You can use fishing line to make them into ornaments too.

It's hard to get the middles to stay in sometimes and I would not use a spray starch as it tends to make the paper too wet and will discolor or crinkle the paper. I use a clear spray shellac. Use it sparingly and do it outside. I pin the quilled pieces backwards (where you want to spray) to a piece of wax paper to help them get unattached if you have used too much spray.

Good luck and email me anytime too. or visit me at Talk to you soon! Oh and thanks for adding my site to your blog :)

sleeplesswonder said...

Thanks foe the advice Monica, I will have to look for the clear spray shellac and give it a try. I have seen spray adhesives in Wal-mart but didn't figure they would be any good either. I am new to all of this. :)