Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm a jinx

I think I jinxed myself on Friday, because Saturday morning when I got up load and behold what was outside my window... SNOW!!!!!!!! It has started, winter is here. It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't get wind almost on a daily bases, but we do, so it is blowing hard, freezing cold and now there are little balls hitting your face as you go outside. (little balls of snow I mean lol)

So we had the SS's here this weekend, they are now 16 yrs and 10 yrs. The oldest has expressed that he hates where he is living and would like to come live with us. I told him that is fine, but we just need to make a few phone calls and stuff.

So I have some phone call to make this week, to make this all legal and so that the BIO can't try and accuse us of kidnapping or anything. Cause I know she would try. She has been hell to be involved with since day 1. Come on woman, you have a new BF and family, move on and leave us the hell alone.

The BF finally got his divorced finalist this summer, and now the BIO is trying to take him for alimony... Can she be serious, they have been split for almost 7 years and she is the one that left. Is that even possible? Our lawyer says she has a small chance, so we are trying to fight this, even if it is only a small chance. He pays child support out the nose, and now she wants alimony too. Jeez does she just want his whole pay check, oh wait... yeah she does.

OK how did talking about the weather turn into a rant? Oops. But that feels better to get it off my chest.
Till next time. :)

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