Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One of those days.... my piggy bank is busted. :(

I am so mad right now. My little bit of money I was saving for crafting supplies, now how to go to the garage... I was bringing my little boy to school, and the van just didn't "feel" right, just as I was pulling up to drop him off the wheel went really funny. So when I let him out I got out myself and went around the van, only to discover I had a completely flat tire!!!
There was no way I was getting the spare tire out and on myself. So I called the BF at home and asked what do I do. He can't help (because of his surgery). So he told me to call the garage and see if they could come and pump up the tire enough to get me to the garage. So that is what I did, they put a plug in the tire, (which should hold until the winter tires need to come off)
So now we have another bill with them up there, the plug cost 5.00$ and I have no idea what the charge for coming and pumping up the tire is going to be.
So since the short term disability still hasn't started for my BF, it means the little bit of money I have  saved for crafty stuff, now has to go to the garage.
I am so not a happy woman today. Grrrr.

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