Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh happy day...

Look what my BF bought for me today!!!! I am so excited. He has been trying to convince me for awhile to get a laptop, so we could get the big desktop out of our living room, and kept saying "no" because I like the mouse and the key boards on desktops. But I thought about it, and figured if I can't get use to the keyboard I can always use an external one, and I will be using an external mouse very soon. :)
I bet if we lived close to a scrapbook/hobby store I would have gotten a Cricut Imagine instead, I can only get them from online stores and the shipping is crazy. But I bet I would have a lot more craft supplies and tools if we lived closer so I could actually go in a shop and buy something, instead of ordering online.
I find it funny that he bought this for me, seeing as his birthday is coming up on the 28th of this month, mine is not till June. Now what can I buy him for his bday to equal this?? LOL
I am a happy little crafter today, at least now when I craft at my kitchen table I can still watch a movie, or listen to my music right at my finger tips.
Hope you all have a great night.
Melissa D


Spyder said...

I have my keyboard and my old mouse connected to my laptop, but they are soooo much better, have fun!

Michelle Gotoh Bertuzzi said...

Look at you lucky girl! Laptops are awesome, your files, internet everywhere you go at your fingertips! But dangerous too getting stuck with it.
Thanks for hopping along with us at PSA Essentials today! Appreciate you dropping by.

Michele said...

YAY! How fun!

David and Connie said...

I like having a laptop so much better than a desktop. Haven't had a desktop for about 8 years now and never want to go back. Do you have wireless? Because then it's awesome to take your laptop anywhere you want! Sit on the couch, bed, table, or out and about. When I need a night out of the house I take it with and get work done at a coffee shop. And we even take it when traveling so use it on the plane in airports, etc. I love how portable it is.