Monday, May 30, 2011

Decisions, I need some help….


I need to start really thinking about what colors I want to paint my craft room walls.

My room is going to be (unfortunately) a room without a window. So I need some bright colors.

The room is going to be about 8’ by 17’. The exterior walls are all cemented and leaks fixed now, with installation put in place. So not much longer now before the inner walls are up, and I was asked what color do I want for the walls. The floors are going to be a mix of 2 colors of wooden laminate, both fairly light ( I think). This is flooring my dad has leftover, from my son’s playroom, and my uncle’s reno, Yes this is going to be a recycled floor. Smile It is in good shape so why throw it out.

This is going to be my creative place so I want some fun and bright colors, but not too overwhelming.

So can anyone help me?? I have no idea what colors to go with, I love purples, blues, and tealish colors.

Also I have decided I am going to be doing a giveaway once the room is finished and I can find all the goodies I have bought especially for the giveaway. It is all packed away everywhere, so when I gather it all together I will be posting it. Smile

Hope everyone is having a great day, we have yet another day of rain ( on day 5 of rain now). Hope everyone has a great week.


Melissa D


By Shawna Rae said...

When I remodeled my craft space, I used a light green (kind of a celery color) and purple (let's say maybe an eggplant color). I love the colors together. The inspiration for this color combination came from a sale flyer I receied for outdoor livingroom furniture. I remember thinking how relaxing that room looked with those colors. Still loving my choice. Keep us posted about your choice!!

Rez said...

I like purple. Purple seems to be the color right now :).
I am following you as well. Thank you for being my friend and entering in my giveaway.