Monday, April 25, 2011

And so the long process begins.....

*Warning very messy room*
So this is our undone basement/storage/junk area, lol.
My dad (love him) is currently starting MY craft room!!!!!! I am so excited, this will be a long slow process though, he is doing it in his spare time, he works so he can only work at it here and there, I have been down helping him, but I can barely hammer a nail straight, so I am just holding the 2x4 and stuff. He had to remove the old paneling that was there, because there wasn't any insulation at all, and then we discovered the foundation is cracked, and not just in one place, there are a few bad cracks there. The former owner must have known this because there were a few badly done patches on the cracks. But anyway, this will slow it down even more, but I will eventually have my own room!!!

This is where the doorway to my room will be.

There will be a wall here, and the doorway around the corner, to the right of this pic is my son's toy room (built by me dad) and my laundry room.

This will be the back of my room, we have decided we are going to divide our basement, nearly in half. I am not sure of the measurements at all but I think it will be plenty big.
So watch this space for more updates. :) When it is finished I will need LOTS of tips and advice of how to decorate this room. :) And who better to help me then my friendly crafty peeps. You guys.
Oh I can't wait, and I hate waiting lol.
Melissa D


Sweet Magnolia Rose said...

Congrats!!! On your crafty space :o) I know you will be so happy once it gets finished.

By Shawna Rae said...

It will be so great to have "your space". I sure love mine!! Congratulations!!

*CAFE said...

Congrats on the beginning of your process! How great for you to have such a large space to use! :0)

scrappinC said...

How fun! It is going to be awesome when it is done, you may never come out of the basemen. LOL! Congrats, I will watch the progress.
Cindy Lou