Saturday, October 4, 2008

Should baby make 4 (well technically 6 I guess)

* Warning this may hurt a MAN's eyes. Woman only. :) *

I have been going back and forth on this idea of trying for another baby. I am not sure. When it is only me and Toby in the house it seems like there should be another child. But when we have the SS's here there are 5 of us and it seems like to many people.
And I would really really really like a girl. But I think I would be heartbroken if it turned out to be another boy, and BF doesn't have a good track record for making girls he has 3 boys right now, so what are the chances for it to be a girl this time??
Is there any way to "make" a certain gender??? I read somewhere that if you douche with such and such it makes for either a girl or boy, something to do with making the uterus more acidic or something. Sorry to say I am not douching with anything. TMI???
Should I just say ok lets try and it doesn't matter what the child will be as long as it is healthy. I know that is how I should feel, but I don't I want a girl, but I know if it did happen and it was a boy I would love him anyway.
Oh I don't know. I think I have been feeling like wanting another cause I always said that by the time Toby was 3 I would have my mind made up or would have another child by then, well the deadline for that is TOMORROW!! can you believe he will be 3 tomorrow. Man those years went by real fast.
We are having a little celebration tomorrow, nothing big just a cake and some presents from family and stuff. The next Sunday we are having a big party for him. I say we but I really mean ME, I have been doing everything for the party, I guess like most moms. The bf will be there at the party to help out a bit ( cause I have given him no choice. hehe) but as for the planning and preparing *pfft* it's all me, is everyone else like that when it comes to planning parties and stuff for their kids it is usually the mom's job???
Better go and see what Toby is up to now. He is too quiet. Not good sign.

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