Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm not dead... well wish I was at times and the goose.

I just noticed the last time I wrote on here was June 3. Oops. I haven't written because to be honest there wasn't much to write about.
Had a fairly crappy summer, weather sucked stayed at home with no vacation. And have been feeling like crap off and on all summer. I am now suffering from Nausea and headache since Wednesday, no matter what I eat it turns my stomach. No idea what it is, I guess if it keeps up I will have to go to the doc.
My mother has given up driving so I have been her chauffeur lately which I don't mind, I would rather do that then her feel like she needs to drive. She has an appointment in Oct. (which will not come quick enough) she has seizures and they are not sure why, hello it has been 10 years someone needs to figure out something. I worry about her constantly. Last Friday I went to pick her up like I normally do, and she was in the window waving for me to come in, I go in and she has the hand torn off herself, it looked like someone took and knife and tried to fillet her hand, and she had her glasses broken and 2 cuts on her head close to the temple, she couldn't remember what happened, she had another seizure which seems to be happening more and more lately, she had to go to the hospital anyway for her shot and they done her hand up, the cuts on the head didn't look bad so they just cleaned then, well the next day what a shiner she had, oh my then it became this bag of blood under her eye. I can not wait for Oct. so hopefully they can figure out why he medication doesn't seem to be working.
On to the lovely goose. I use the term lovely very loosely... well for the past 4 or 5 weeks we have been going down to the wharf and feeding the ducks, There are a ton of ducks, more then in these pictures.
there is a goose that stays with them, ( in the left hand upper corner of the second picture)he never bothered us before just ate the bread we tossed out along with the ducks. Well yesterday we were there and feeding the ducks, then I hear Toby shout, when I look the freaking goose has him hold by the jacket, my first reaction was to kick the goose, I had to kick him 3 or 4 times before he finally let go. I feel bad for kicking him ( even though I don't think I hurt him) but the Mommy Monster just took over. Something was trying to hurt my son. I just reacted. I love animals, as long as they don't try to harm my child.
I am hoping to keep writing here, if anything interesting happens, which probably won't lol.
Well Toby will be 3 next Sunday so I will probably post about that, I am preparing for his birthday party now, which I have scheduled for the 12th, just trying to prepare what I can now so I don't have a ton of stuff to do the night before. I procrastinate a lot so it would end up the night before.

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