Friday, August 24, 2007

My new ride, for now

Here is a pic of my new ride, a few post ago I mentioned about an accident, well this is the car that the insurance company rented for me till we get everything settled, believe me I am in no hurry to get anything settled now lol, Well I am not the one who is dealing with it, it is my dad who is dealing with them, and boy are they being stubborn. So for now I get to call this car my own. Makes me feel bad that I have to give this back when the time comes, going from an almost 10 year old car to BRAND new is nice, very nice.
Well "my" car is silver and the interior is like this (below) but red instead of blue, it even has a bottle cooler in the glove compartment, and the cup holders are cool, I mean they keep your drink cold, how cool is that lol. This car is sooooo sweet. It almost feels like you are driving a van, but still have the small feeling for parking and stuff. Man if I did have the money ( around 18 thousand) I think this may just be the car for me.
Well not much else to say, just felt like sharing my "good" *drool worthy* news.
Only thing else happening around her is Rod getting under my skin and vice versa, he is going on week 4 now of being home from work with nothing much to do, he in not capable of much, we/ he decided to paint the patio today and guess who got roped into helping and then finishing over half of it herself?? Yup me that's who, I hate painting big things like that, now give me a painting or something any day, but rooms or houses and stuff no thanks, and I suck at it. Took me almost 5 hours, ok it is a big patio but my mom could have finished it in half the time it took me, well it was my first time so I don't think I did that bad, worse thing is where the wood was so old and in such need of a paint job, the paint just soaked right in, so that means we need another gallon of paint to do it at least once more. I may post pics when I am done, if I like it. :)
Have a good weekend people.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Meez me baby

I stole dutchbitch's idea today. She had a meez on her site so I decided to go and try to make one myself. It is a fun little thing, couldn't make it look like me though, but I guess it is close enough.
Not much to say today, we are still figthing with the insurance company to come up with an offer, either fix my car or pay me. My dad is picking up a rental for me today, he should have been back by now, so wondering what is taking so long. I may have an update for you guys later on that.
But for now go waste some time and make a meez.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A little about me??

Well this is a pic of me and my son. There aren't many pictures of me and him cause usually I am the one taking the picture. I try to stay behind the camera, I hate the way I look and have for a long time. Anyhow, here is a little info about me...
Live in a small town in Newfoundland Canada, met my ex husband when I was 17, got married at 19 and moved to The Netherlands with him, lived there with him till about 2004. Moved back to NFLD met Rod ( my boyfriend, and Toby's Dad) in 2004 as well. Had Toby in Oct. 2005. And have been living in the same small town I grew up in since May of this year.
I could make it a little more confusing by going into details but I think your heads would explode. LOL Below is another picture we had done. They didn't turn out very well, so I only have proofs, I don't want to spend a ton of money on pics that I don't like.

Oh and PS, more details on the car sitch tomorrow I hope. Damn they like taking their time don't they. Right now is perfect for going out for a cruise with the music blasting. So I am settling for blasting it here at the computer.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

More of everything

I can never seem to keep on the same topic in my posts at all. So usually the title matches only the first paragraph, so I think this title is more fitting lol.
Here is a pic of My little guy Toby and my dad. We were down to the unveiling of the Mariners Momerial that was placed in Grand Bank, it was erected for all of the men lost at sea. My grandfather was one of them. It made me really wonder how this must have effected my dad, he lost his father when he was only 6 or 7. He has said a few times in conversations about kids and stuff that he never had an example of how to be a father and he had to do the best he could. Which in my opinion was very good. He is always there for me, and now always there for my son. He is diffidently hooked on my son, he sees him at least once a day, he helped me/us get this house, and fix it up. He is now helping us find another vehicle. I don't know how I could ever thank him for all he has done for me. And I have no idea what I am ever going to do with out him.
Ok well this post could have used an actual title, I actually talked about just one thing this time lol. I am stopping now before I go on and on about something else. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

God this page is boring

I am wondering what I can do to make this place look better and more appealing. Since I am new at this and don't have much time on the computer, wanting a change may be easier said then done.

I haven't posted in a few days cause Rod has been home with a bad back, last Tuesday I had to call the ambulance for him, after finding him passed out on the bathroom floor, the doc figures the disc slipped and hit the nerves and the pain made him pass out. So he is home for 2 weeks at least.

Then that Friday, someone came out of a side road and hit me (well my car) in the rear tire. The insurance adjuster is coming today to have a look and see what will be done from there, we figure they may just write the car off, considering the car is a 98 and there is a nice bit of damage done, if they won't fix it I hope they give me enough money to get a half decent second hand car to replace it. I mean ok the book value may not be much, but the car is worth a million bucks to me, it gets me where I need to go no problem, and we just spent like 600$ about a month ago on a few repairs to the bloody thing and now we may lose it. Believe me I am not happy. This is the first time in my life I have had to deal with anything like this.
What a week we have had in deed.