Friday, July 29, 2011

moving day....

It's finished!!!!!! No I am not moving house, but I am moving into my craft room. :) I am so excited it is finally finished. I am not trying to box everything up to move it all down stairs to MY craft room, I have a room!! My very own room. Here is what it looks like, the walls look pinker then I would like, but it was suppose to be a purple lilac color. A few little details have been done since these pics, but you get the idea.
It is all cleaned up now, and no more dirty saws, or work tables. I have my new craft table in there already, just need to pack my supplies up and get it all down there. In the pics the walls look really pink, but they are not that pink in RL.
What do you think?? Any suggestions where I should place things?? I think a pantry/closet is going in the corner of the first pic, and my computer desk next to it, I was going to put it on the back wall in the second pic, but I hate the thought of having my back to the door, because if I am making something I won't notice anyone coming in. I can zone out completely sometimes. :)
Well back to the packing. Have a great weekend everyone.
Melissa D

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By Shawna Rae said...

I could hear the squeals of excitement all the way in North Carolina...LOL I know you have to be excited!! I would be. I love having my own space too. Can't wait to see the pic of the room when you get everything all set up. Love all that wall space you have! I have a window on one wall and a tv on the other so my wall space is limited. Love it girlie!! So much fun for you!! Congrats!