Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am still waiting on my expression, I changed the shipping because of the Canada Post strike, so it would come ups. And I still have not gotten it, I ordered it the 15th of June, I am starting to get worried. I am also waiting on another order I have made. I am so mad with Canada Post, but I am happy they have finally all gone back to work.

Want to see my baby?? No I didn’t have a baby but I made one. LOL.

Here she is….

Here is a pic I used for inspiration…

NOTE* Can't get the picture to load, I will try again later.

I haven’t decided yet if I should add eyes or not. I think I should have made her hair a little darker though.

I have been asked if I am selling the “dolls”, I am just not sure how much to charge? Any ideas of how much I should ask.


Melissa D