Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to me…

Well I spent most of my bday in the optometrists office, for an eye exam and picking out glasses. I really needed new ones and was way over due. Not really the way I would have wished to have spent my bday but ah well.

The BF informed me that if I wait till next month ( so we can save up to pay cash, take a little from the next 4 checks), I could get the Cricut expression. Right now it is at my only Walmart for 329.00 CDN. I told him that is too much, and I went in search of it cheaper. and I found it on for 169.95, even with shipping it is still at least 100.00$ cheaper. But BF is wary about me ordering offline because the last time (that he knows about hehehe Embarrassed smile) which was also my first time ordering anything. I really messed up and ended up getting charged 3 times for one item. Opps. But like I explained to him I fixed it, and everything turned out ok, so I have to do some convincing but I am sure I will get it from there. Here is the machine…


Yes and for that price it even comes with 4 carts. I have 2 of the carts but if I do get it, I am thinking of either selling them, or keeping them to do a giveaway.

My only worry is it is coming from the USA, and what if I get it and something is wrong with it, and the fooling around I would have to do to resolve it. But for the saving of 100.00 bucks I think I will take that chance.

I just wonder how much convincing I will have to do. hehehe.

And I am a little bit some how about getting another cricut, with everything that happened with PC and SCAL, etc. I would rather a silhouette machine, hmmmm maybe I should go and search the prices of them now. Yup that is what I am going to do. Never know I may find another machine for cheaper, if any of you know of a better machine for cheaper or around the same price please leave me a comment in the next couple of weeks.


Melissa D


By Shawna Rae said...

First off - Happy Birthday!!!

Now... when it comes to ordering online - I guess it's always a chance. You just have to really check out the company you order from. Paying by PayPal is probably a good idea - I've had good luck that way. I have the Expression and I love mine. There will always be newer, bigger and better... just depends on what your needs are. Good luck with your order - hope you get yours soon!

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

I know I'm a little late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you had a WONDERFUL one! :-)