Sunday, January 27, 2013

Too long since I have written

I know it has been awhile... But I have been very busy. I am now working 2 jobs, and with it being so cold, I have not had much desire to go into my craft room, which is in the basement, and colder then the rest of the house. :(
I have been crafting off and on though. Whenever I manage to get the spare time, and the inspiration, which is not much lately.
Here are a few pics of what I made just before Xmas.

These are just a couple wreaths I made for Xmas gifts. I loved making them. I am thinking of making some for Valentines day as well. Whenever I can get to the dollar store. We have been stuck in the house for a week because of the blizzards we have been having. But the weather is starting to clear up, so hopefully I get the chance this week to get there.
This was one day, when I got stuck out of town, before the weather struck. This is good compared to what it became later in the day.
I am ready for spring. And hopefully my creativeness will return as well.
Hope everyone is happy and healthy. :)
Have a great week.
Melissa D